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Blackhead removal scrubs/facials??? help!?

I've tried


biore black head strips

st.apricot black head control

deep cleansing cleansers..

nothing works!

I have them on my nose and my nose is kind of oilyBlackhead removal scrubs/facials??? help!?
i tried biore black head strips and those work wonders for me.

for extraordinary result, try biore after a hot steamy shower, so the pores are opened.
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  • Blackhead facials..........?

    Is going to a beauty therapist to extract blackheads the best treatment to remove them?.... deep and very stubborn ones?

    I have pretty serve blackheads and have litterally used everything out there to get rid of them from pore strips to metal extractors to scrubs and to medication. None have worked.

    thanks a bunch for adviceBlackhead facials..........?
    If you've tried every type of over the counter stuff then yes, it'd probably be best to go to a ';professional';.

    Though, I would try to lay off the stuff for a little while- too much scrubbing/ picking at your skin is going to make the blackheads worse. :(

    Have you tried the steam treatment before %26amp; after doing the scrub then doing the strips? The steam is going to loosen stuff up pretty good, the scrub is going to bring stuff up to the surface/ remove some of the gunk, re-steaming to get the extra stuff up and then the strips to rip those things off... then a mild astringent should clean it all up.Blackhead facials..........?
    Going to get a professional treatment would help quite a bit in getting the deep blackheads out.

    Blackheads are caused when the dead skin cells form layers, and the sebum (oil) in your skin starts to turn ';black'; when the oxygen hits it. Blackheads will just keep getting deeper and larger, because the dead skin cells will continually build up. Every skin cell in our body is on a 28 day cycle which means it starts in the basal layer, and as it starts coming to the surface, it changes, keratinises (gets hard) and dies.

    A professional treatment would do a very in depth cleanse, exfoliation with steam, and then mask. They would also recommend that you use a cleanser every morning and night, with a good moisturizer to control the sebum, and put moisture back into your skin. They also have products which they could recommend to exfoliate the skin as needed.

    The skin is very tough, because it protects our whole body, as it is supposed to do, but the skin on the face is also very fragile, and you need to treat it right.

    Don't do too many scrubs, or treatments on the same day, as you may seriously irritate your skin and cause more problems.
    Omg this is so weird, i have been researching for the past hour of cures for acne, blackheads and whiteheads, and am sitting here with a honey over my nose (where blackheads are) and a bandaid over it. It sounds like a pretty good treatment, and from the research i've done it helps alot, the only downside is you have to do it frequently, but don't make the mistake i did. I put so much honey in my cup (so that i can put it on my nose) but in the end i used only like a dot of honey, since it spreads well.

    Anyway, this should be done overnight (thats what the bandaid is for, to keep the honey on) but i was too impatient to wait hehe. Hope it works for me!! Try it too

    What are some at home facials that get rid of acne and blackhead?

    thanks .What are some at home facials that get rid of acne and blackhead?
    The best way to get rid of blackheads :

    1. Steam helps to remove blackheads. About 5 minutes, you needed to open the pores and soften the skin.

    2. Avoid oil based cosmetics and heavy make up.

    3. Keep your skin clean and wash with the natural anti bacterial agent honey.

    4. The number one rule of pimples skin care is NEVER SQUEEZE. It help you to get rid of pimples.

    You can get more tips about pimples from this blog :

    http://lets-get-rid-of-pimple.blogspot.c鈥?/a>What are some at home facials that get rid of acne and blackhead?
    Well i don't know about honey but i do know that if you put a bit of toothpaste mixed with water on your 'blackhead' areas and then wait 5-10 mins before washing it off with cold water it really helps open your pores and clears the blackheads

    Also a helpful tips is to touch your face as little as possible!

    Hope this works for you!
    i neeeeda know the same thingg.

    like, for blackheads.

    i have 'em all over my nose.

    you can't see them, they're miscroscopic!

    honey works really well!

    Even after spending a lot of money on facials n such stuff I got blackheads on my nose very fast.What do i do?

    Keep the face clean. Steam it and scrub little with soap and water. Then apply an oatmeal paste.

    Boil some oatmeal in a little water. Cool it and add some lemon juice and mix it well. Apply on the face.

    Make a lotion with equal parts of lime juice, almond oil and glycerine and apply on the face. It not only cures blackheads but the discolouring spots on the face too.

    Beat an egg white stiff. Add 1 tsp honey and with a cotton swab apply on the face and leave for half an hour. Rinse with warm water and pat it dry.Even after spending a lot of money on facials n such stuff I got blackheads on my nose very fast.What do i do?
    the balckheads will always come back.... they are a build up of oil which your skin naturally produces combined with the dirt floating around in the air... you need to contanstly remove them.. the strips are the easiest way at home to remove blackheads...Even after spending a lot of money on facials n such stuff I got blackheads on my nose very fast.What do i do?
    u should get rid of those small holes in ur skin pores ... blackheads are dirt that enter ur tiny holes in ur skin pores n when they are full it gets black because they need some attention to be removed
    yes ... its true ..all the answers that have been mentioned are quick fixes...but after you do that...again i can not stress enough... you need a daily cleansing is so inexpensive to get this started is the best...with a wide selection of products to choose from...once you use a quick fix... the next step is to prevent it all from happening.
    Try Neutrogena - blackhead scrub, once a day, and also use the nose strips.
    Get those strips that rip out the dirt

    What is a good facial cleaner? i have sometimes have oily then really dry skin, i get blackhead on my nose.?

    And affordable that i can buy at a drug store or walmart etc.What is a good facial cleaner? i have sometimes have oily then really dry skin, i get blackhead on my nose.?
    I get AVEENO powdered colloidal oatmeal and make a paste out of it. I apply it like a mask for about 20-30 seconds and then rinse my face with tepid water.

    In really hot, humid weather I spray mist with witch hazel.What is a good facial cleaner? i have sometimes have oily then really dry skin, i get blackhead on my nose.?
    I use Cetaphil. My dermatologist recommended it when I went in for something unrelated - I figured while I was in there, I might as well find out what real dermatologists really recommend, right? I have really sensitive skin, and the Cetaphil cleanser and cream moisturizer seem to work really well. I bought both at Target months ago - I use them every day and I still have about half of that supply left. Definitely a good buy!
    I have oily and dry skin with acne, so I use St. Ives Apricot Scrub for blackheads and Neutrogena combination skin moisturizer. The stuff is amazing.

    benzoyl peroxide is an active ingredient in many facial cleansers, but it can bleach cloth, so be careful if you use it. also, if you use anything with benzoyl peroxide, it stays on your skin for about a week after you stop using it, so it can still bleach cloth and it stings a little if you try another facial cleanser.
    I have not used soap on my face since the early 80's...use

    Noxema only. Keep the jar in the shower, use it every day.
    It seems you have combination skin, as it's sometimes oily and sometimes dry.

    Get any exfoliating cleanser meant for combination skin or all skin types. Use that cleanser every day, then pat your face with a towel. Don't wipe your face completely. Leave a little moisture, so the moisturizer will absorb well.

    Buy some moisturizer that says ';noncomedogenic';. That means that it won't clog pores. It'll usually say noncomedogenic on the back of the container. Then just rub it into your face until it's absorbed.

    Do this every day. It's the simplest way to keep your skin healthy.

    Most moisturizers and cleansers are affordable. I buy Aveeno Positively Radient Daily Moisturizer, and Ponds Fresh Start Daily Exfoliating Cleanser.

    NEVER use soap to wash your face, because it dries your skin. Don't go without moisturizer either. You moisturize your skin so that your face doesn't have to produce its own oil. Moisturizer also acts as a barrier for dirt that can get into your pores, and keeps your face perfectly moisturized so that it's not dry, but not oily either.
    You can buy this at a Dollar Tree near you. Use got 2 be clean mineral scrub. It clears skin and prevents blackheads.
    Mary Kay has an excellent cleanser and moisterizer for oily skin. Check out my website and if you want some free samples, email me.
    Dove soap twice daily. The best stuff for your skin. Also, try to drink alot of water everyday. Water keeps your skin hydrated and healthy.

    Homemade Tomato Face Mask For Oily Skin

    1Ripe tomato mashed

    Water as required

    1. Mash up a ripe tomato.

    2. Put in a small bowl.

    3. Apply on damp face.

    4. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes.

    5. Rinse with warm (NOT HOT) water.

    6. Pat dry.



    Sugar Scrub

    This is a good abrasive skin scrub that cleanses and stimulates the skin.

    1Teaspoon sugar

    Water as required

    1/2Juice of lemon

    1. Wash your face with soap.

    2. While doing so, add sugar to the lather and massage gently into your skin.

    3. Rinse your skin with a mixture of equal parts of lemon juice and water.

    4. Rinse with cool water.

    5. Pat dry.
    I have skin very similar to yours. I asked my sister (who is in Cosmetology) what is best and this is what I found.

    First, you have to wash your face every day and every night. I know it sucks but ya godda. So, as far as your question goes, I go according to the seasons. For the winter, when my skin is dried out and peeling, I use Loreal's hydrafresh. All of Loreal's products are good but I just choose that one because it's really good for dry skin. Then, in the summer I used any Neutrogena face wash. They do better with acne-prone and oily skin. Sometimes, in the winter your face might get oily, in which case, you can use your Neutrogena.

    Also the next step is VERY important. You need to use a toner. Toners close your pores so that they are less likely to become infected (helps with blackheads). Also, it evens your skin tone. I use Clean and Clear toner, I paid $2.38 for it and it lasts forever. It's a great investment.

    It's really important to use a face lotion after all of this because it restores the good oils to your skin. Apparently, according to my dermatologist, Oil of Olay is the best cream to use that comes from drug stores or walmart. He said also, though, the equate brand works just as well!

    A few related peices of advice...don't use St. Ives apricots scrubs. My sister's class had a girl come in who had a scab from one side of her face to the other because the stuff burnt her face.

    Use a mask once a week to help with blackhheads too. Noxema has a good mask. I'll check the name of it at home and let ya know its name. It's in a green and blue tube if that helps!

    Good Luck!
    A really good cleanser is Walmart's version of Noxzema. It comes in a large blue jar (the same color as Nozxema) and is called mosturizing cream but it works as a cleanser. It is only about 3 bucks here in Canada so it might be cheaper elsewhere. You can find it right next to Noxzema and all those other expensive cleansers in the cosmetic department. It makes your skin clean and feel all tingly. You can also use it to remove makeup and as a shave cream
    Oil of Olay.....very good results!!
    i've had the same problem since i was really little. i began to use dove soap about 6 years ago, and i love it. before i found the dove, the other soaps, aveen, oil of olay, nutrageena, some more expensive treatment cleansers, it just wasn't doing waht i needed.

    i like dove. (the plain white bar soap). you know how it says 1/4 moisturizing bar? it really doea, but also takes the excess grease away. but it totally depends on your skin type. good luck.
    beacon grease from a whole pack of beacon
    i personally think oxy is best for your black heads. and for you rlly oily and dry skin i suggest you using Olay dry skin it is FANTASTIC! i have very soft skin and its not oily anymore. i got those 2 at cvs and wegmans.
    It all depends on your skin type and age but I recommend using Netrogena or Cetaphil
    Toner can work wonders. Be sure to use one after washing %26amp; then follow with a light moisturizer.
    I stick to Olay products myself. They're a little expensive sometimes, but the results are very worth it. Another thing I swear by is Apricot Scrub from St. Ives. As far as blackheads go, to clear them up fast, use a pore strip like Biore. But keeping up with the other products will prevent them in the long run.
    If you looking for some creams for your type of skin, I would recommend for you to go to this site

    they are reasonably cheap.

    I got blackheads even regular facials&scrubs not working.....plz tell me a solution.?

    i got normal skin%26amp; i can see blackheads only on my nose.I got blackheads even regular facials%26amp;scrubs not working.....plz tell me a solution.?
    check the links below for natural homemade beauty tips to:-- Acne-pimple cure/

    Blemishes/Whiteheads/Blackheads/face packs鈥?/a>I got blackheads even regular facials%26amp;scrubs not working.....plz tell me a solution.?
    st ives apricot scrub.
    If you are eating any chocolate, stop for a month and see if that help clears them up, if it does, you just found your answer.
    use ';oxy'; daily facial cleansers. They really help and are VERY inexpensive.
    Try the Mary Kay 2 step microderm abrasion.
    Biore ultra pore strips!!
    try cliniques 3 step program
    dont eat oily food
    put clean %26amp; and clear black head cream on it.i was at family dollar today and saw it there for $3.00!all clean and clear products work.i use the ance one.good luck!
    use blackhead removal strips.

    Blackhead removal (as in facial pores)?

    I want to remove blackheads from my nose which iv had all my life. So far I am sure there is NO cream or facial scrub or product to to this, My question is has anyone any successfully alternatives pleaseBlackhead removal (as in facial pores)?

    mario badescu.

    try it and go on his website

    i recommend the strawberry cream

    www.mariobadescu.comBlackhead removal (as in facial pores)?
    For me, I react badly to Clean %26amp; Clear products so I use stuff from the Simple range which works really well. Also, to close pores if they're just big without blackhead is to just ice them. If you splash your face with really cold water after washing your face, it closes your pores and helps to stop blackheads from coming back.

    no pads/creams will work trust me

    you need to go to a company and have a micordermobrasion machine

    i have the diamondtome done (google it!) and tis awesome its honestly worked seriously results including smoothing fine lines

    madonna is a massive fan of it too!!!

    Those Bjore nose strips partially worked for me. I ended up switching over to Garnier's line of facewash and lotions and my skin has vastly improved.
    the best thing to do is steam your face so it opens your pores and squeeze them they should come out easier keep using an exflorator on your face too.
    Try ';Microdermabrasion Scrub'; use it twice a week
    Just use the Clearasil pads, a couple times a day.
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